Counselling strategies for students learning and career development in secondary schools in Nigeria

  • Mohammed Mahmoud Baba
Keywords: Counselling Strategies, Classroom Learning, Career development


The aim of this paper was to identify counselling strategies applicable in classroom where teaching and learning take place. The concepts guidance and counselling were defined to show meaning and relevance towards promoting learning and career development of students in secondary school. This paper also examined the varied strategies which could be used to improve learning and facilitating decisions and choices in relation to career development. These strategies could be worked with individuals and groups, and will go a long way in correcting misconceptions, irrational beliefs, building the right skills and take informed decisions. Recommendations include use of strategies by the counsellor such as individual and group counselling, classroom discussions, subject teachers' involvement, excursion, brainstorming, assignments and projects among others. These counselling strategies can promote learning and explore career decisions and choices for personal satisfaction and happiness. Career development is a life-long process and could be promoted with effective counseling.

Keywords: Counselling Strategies, Classroom Learning, Career development


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print ISSN: 1119-9210