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Sensory analysis of cooked fresh meat sausages containing beef offal

MM Magoro, BI Zondagh, PJ Jooste, L Morey


This study determined the sensory attributes and acceptability of cooked meat sausages containing beef offal. Four formulations of sausages were selected for sensory evaluation and comparison with a control formulation containing beef trimmings, rusk and a standard mixture of spices. The experimental samples included ‘red’ and ‘rough’ offal. The frozen samples were thawed and cooked according to a standardised procedure before they were analysed. The samples were evaluated for their aroma intensity, appearance, texture, flavour and mouth‑coating by a trained sensory panel, among other tests that were conducted. An untrained consumer panel compared the samples for overall acceptability. The control formulation and formulation 2 (a ‘red’ and ‘rough’ offal formulation) were found to be the most acceptable in terms of desirable sensory attributes such as aroma, flavour and texture, as judged by the consumer panel and aroma intensity and appearance of juiciness , as judged by the trained panel. Formulation 2 was found to be the most acceptable and affordable in the South African context.

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