Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines

Name Change

Authors who have in the past submitted articles to the Journal of Family Ecology and Consumer Sciences are reminded that the name of this journal has changed to the Journal of Consumer Sciences (JCS)


Guidelines for Submission to the Journal of Consumer Sciences (JCS)

Contributions to the Journal of Consumer Sciences should be submitted to the Editor Prof Elizabeth Kempen via email at  Articles submitted for consideration by the journal should be aligned to the new scope of the journal. 

  • Articles should not exceed 5,000 words.
  • An abstract of no less than 200 words is required
  • The Journal publishes review articles as well as research related articles. Articles prepared after conference presentations are accepted with the proviso that they have not been published in the Conference Proceedings of that particular conference.
  • All articles should report original research that has not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere. 
  • The Harvard Style of referencing should be used according to the Harvard Reference Style Guide included below.
  • The article must be typed and submitted as a Word document.
  • Line spacing 1.5 should be used which includes text, referencing, tables and figures of the article.
  • Times New Roman, font size 12 for all text in the article, headings, figures and tables. 
  • All paragraphs to be justified.
  • No numbering of paragraphs.
  • No numbering of lines.
  • No indentation of paragraphs.
  • One line space between paragraphs to be used.
  • Margins of 2.54cm should be used on all four margins (top, bottom, left and right) of the page.
  • Page numbers should be included on each page of the article in the bottom right corner of the page, starting on the first page of the article.
  • Headings for all Figures and Tables are required.
  • An indication of where Figures and Tables should be inserted should be centered on the page with the instruction Insert Figure 1 here or Insert Table 1 here as per the example below:

Insert Figure 1 here

Reference number issued

The Editor will acknowledge receipt of the article for consideration by the journal within 3 weeks of submission during which a reference number will be issued.  After this date authors may follow up with the Editor.  In instances where authors have not received any reviewer comments within 8 weeks after submission the authors may contact the Editor and refer to the reference number issued for the particular article. 


Submission preparation

The submission should consist of three separate documents as follows:

  • Document 1 to include the Title Page.  This page must indicate the title of the article, authors' names (full first name and surname) and address of the institution (academic or other) where the authors reside.  Indicate the corresponding author with *, and ensure that the name, full postal address and e-mail address is clearly indicated.
  • Document 2 to include the Main Document or Article.  Do not include authors’ details again in this part of the document.  This document should start with the abstract of the article followed by four to six keywords for indexing purposes and an abbreviated title. The abstract is followed by the main article with references concluding the article. 
  • The main article should be divided into appropriate sections, e.g. Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions, Acknowledgements and References.  Subheadings may be used but should be limited.
  • Document 3 to include Figures, Tables and photos/images if necessary. High resolution images should be submitted where photographs are included.  The numbers used for tables and figures in the article should correspond with the number used in the text positioning in the main document.  Headings of tables should be placed at the top of the table and for figures at the bottom of the figure. 

Referencing guidelines

  • As indicated the Harvard referencing style should be used when preparing the article. 
  • Consult the following Harvard Referencing Style Guide for all references.
  • There should be a corresponding reference in the reference list for each in text citation used. 
  • Corresponding citations and references must have identical spelling and year.
  • The reference list should be in alphabetical order according to the first named author.

Addressing reviewer comments

A blind peer review process is followed during which expert national and international reviewers are approached to review the article.  Reviewer comments will be submitted back to the authors, via email from the Editor, in the form of a written report compiled by the reviewer as well as a track changed document should the reviewer deem it necessary.  Authors are requested to resubmit the revised article within two weeks after receiving the reviewer comments.  If this due date cannot be achieved the corresponding author should inform the Editor.  Reviewer comments should be addressed in terms of a table in which the authors indicate how and where the changes requested were addressed.  All correspondence regarding the review and publication of the article will come from the Editor. 


Publication procedures

The final version of the accepted article should be submitted via email to the Editor at  This version will be submitted to the Copy Editor after which revision to the article might be required.  The Journal accepts papers with the understanding that no substantial part of the article has been or will be published elsewhere therefore the final version of the article will be submitted to a plagiarism detection software program after which further amendments to the article may be required to the satisfaction of the editor.  Final sign off of the article will be requested from the corresponding author when all technical and editorial processes have been completed.  It is the responsibility of the authors to ensure that the correct version of the article to be published is signed off.  At this stage correspondence will be received from the Editorial Administrator. 

Articles will not be placed in an early view process nor will DOI (Digital object Identifier) references be issued.  The article, once published, will be issued with a full volume number and page numbers for referencing purposes.   The journal is therefore in the open access domain immediately after publication. 

An abbreviated title and keywords are also required for publication purposes. 

Off prints are not issued as the article can be down loaded in pdf format and distributed by the author immediately when published.     


Language editing

Language editing of all articles is the responsibility of the authors.  Proof of language editing in the form of a certificate or letter of acknowledgement by the language editor should be submitted to the editor before publication of the article can commence.


Page fees

An invoice will be issued to the corresponding author that will include a fee charged for the publication of each page of the article as well as a handling fee.  On receipt of the page fees the article will be released for publication.  The invoice will be issued by the Editorial Administrator Mrs Trudie Erasmus. 


Author material archive procedure

Please note that unless specifically requested, JCS will dispose of all hardcopy or electronic material submitted 1 year after publication. If you require the return of any material submitted, please inform the Editorial Administrator as soon as possible.


Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.

Journal Identifiers

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