Journal of Consumer Sciences

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Evaluation of physical properties of locally produced Gonometa postica silk and wool fabrics

JF Vermaas, HS Steyn


Silk is a luxurious fibre with a unique combination of properties. However, this and other factors such as the costly production process make silk a very expensive fabric and therefore unaffordable for many consumers. Mixed fabrics might provide a solution to this problem of relative cost if the Gonometa postica silk could be mixed with an appropriate fibre. Therefore, mixed yarn fabrics were constructed to evaluate and compare the physical properties of the Gonometa postica silk fabric with those of the mixed fabric consisting of Gonometa postica silk weft on a wool warp. The properties were evaluated in terms of tensile strength (ISO 13934), stiffness (British Test Method 3356), crease recovery (AATCC Test Method 66), and shrinkage (AATCC Test Method 99). Results indicated that the silk weft on wool warp fabric had good crease recovery and the stiffness had a close relation to that of the silk fabric, as well as adequate tenacity. This leads to the conclusion that wool would be commercially acceptable as a mix with Gonometa postica silk as it enhanced some of the properties of silk, without influencing other properties negatively.

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