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Clinical assessment of the efficacy and safety of T-Angelica Herbal Tonic, a herbal beverage

CA Anusiem, PO Okonkwo


The safety, efficacy, and acceptability of T-Angelica Herbal Tonic (THAT), a phytomedicinal beverage was studied over a period of one week in ten healthy volunteers for regulatory purposes. The study started after an overnight fast with each subject drinking 150ml of the beverage every night and every morning for a period of one week. Urine, stool and blood samples from each subject were examined in the laboratory on days 1, 4 and 7, in addition to daily documentation of observations made of each subject. On day 7 each subject independently scored the beverage for its acceptability, and desirability to him/her on a scale of 1-10 (in ascending order of magnitude). Data analysis was carried out using GraphPad prism computer software. The beverage exerted a tolerable laxative effect, and all subjects considered it acceptable. Further larger studies are indicated to elucidate the cost-effectiveness of the use of this herbal beverage and its long-term safety.

Keywords: Laxative, Herbal tonic, herbal beverage, phytomedicine, safety, efficacy.

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