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Basic Eye Health Care

CG Emerole


Visual function is of inestimable value to mankind. In spite of the important function the eyes perform, the simple things that can keep the eyes healthy are often ignored, resulting in damage to the eyes and vision. A review of literature on etiology, common symptoms and signs; prevention of avoidable causes and management of eye signs; prevention of avoidable causes and management of eye disorders/disease with emphasis on basic eye health care. Eye diseases (10.00-21.00%) and ametropia (over 70.00%) are the commonest problems presenting to the general practice clinic. Cataract (41.20%) and trachoma (35.30%) were leading causes of blindness and low vision in the Nigerian National blindness and visual impairment survey. Regrettably the causes of unhealthy eyes and visual impairment are largely preventable. The prevalence of ocular diseases vary in different parts of the world and is influenced by racial, geographic, socio-economic and cultural factors. The influences of gender roles on visual function are noted. Many tasks associated with rural living are divided along gender lines (gender roles originated from the biological differences between the sexes). Gender roles unlike the biology of sex are dynamic (can change over time and vary widely within and across a culture). Eye disorders/diseases, a common cause of visual impairment and visual loss are universal in occurrence. Prevention of avoidable causes, early detection, prompt management and treatment are recommended.

Key Words: Eye health, Visual impairment, Visual function, Eye disorders.

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