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Ocular Dynamics of Bolus Ingestion of <i>Eleis guineensis</i> Sap (Palm Wine) among visually Active Volunteers

SA Igwe
N Nwobodo
CA Agbata
IC Obioha


Palm wine is a milky white effervescence fluid or sap obtained from palm tree (Elaeis guineensis), and is widely consumed among the various ethnic nationalities in Nigeria. The effect of bolus ingestion of 600ml, palm wine was undertaken so as to determine its ocular dynamics in healthy volunteers. Results showed that bolus ingestion of palm wine produced effects on general body physiology in which the functions of the eye were affected. Results further showed that the NPC decreased from 10.5cm to 8.5cm (19.1% fall), the AA changed from 8.0D to 9.0D or 12.5% rise, while the distant lateral phoria changed from ortho position to two (2) esoposition or 30% increase, and the mean phoria moved from 6exo to 4exo or 33.3% decrease. Furthermore, the IOP dropped from an initial value of 17.5mmHg to 13.5mmHg (22.9%) fall at the end of the study. The pupil diameter demonstrated slight miosis which was still within normal range. Results also showed that the VA at near remained unchanged while the distant VA increased by 9.9% and the AC/A ratio decreased from an initial value of 3.75 to a final value of 2.75 or 26.7% fall. We conclude that a single clear binocular vision is dependent on the perfect coordination of the convergence and accommodative mechanisms and any slight change in the balance as induced by palm wine intake will disrupt the equilibrium effect on visual functions hence the accompanying diplopia, blurred vision or vision impairment.

Keywords: Biology Elaeis guineensis, human vision ocular.

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