Journal of the Nigerian Optometric Association

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The evaluation of vision in children using monocular vision acuity and strereo-acuity tests

MO Emina, AB Osaiyuwu


Monocular visual acuity and stereo-acuity tests were carried out on 308 children between the ages of two to twelve years. Children with reduced visual acuity (V.A) and who failed the RandomDot E (RDE) stereo- acuity tests were further examined for associated eye problems. 308 (97.7%) children were tested
for monocular visual acuity, 287(93.8%) children for RDE stereo-acuity and 263 (85.4%) for Randot circles stereo-acuity test. Reduced visual acuity was found in 38 (12.3%) children and 3 (1%) children were blind in one eye. 21 (26.8%) children who failed stereo-acuity had ocular problems and 17(5.5%)
children failed both stereo-acuity and monocular visual acuity tests. There was no significant difference between preschool and school aged children with reduced V.A (Z = 1.047, Z = 3.84). It is thus useful that monocular visual acuity and stereopsis eye examination be part of the routine eye examinations for children.
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