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Effects of Sowing Media and Sowing Depth on Germination and Growth of Lecaniodiscus cupaniodes (Planch. Ex Benth).

FB Yakubu, FF Adegoke, OA Ogunwande, OP Adejoh


This study examines the effect of sowing media and sowing depth on the germination and growth of Lecanodiscus cupanoides (Planch.Ex Benth). The germination of L. cupanoides seed was significantly affected by sowing depth and sowing medium at p=0.05. The result of various sowing media and sowing depth showed that the seed sown at 2 cm and 5 cm depths had the highest germination percentage of 52% each. This was followed by surface sowing with 49.3% and the least germination was found at 7 cm depth. Also, the highest germination was also recorded in sawdust with 50 % germination followed by those planted in topsoil with 44%. Least germination percentage was recorded in river sand (41%). Lecanodiscus cupanoides seedling height was significantly affected by sowing depth and sowing medium. The highest plant height was recorded in seeds sown at 5 cm depth (9.6 cm) while the least height was recorded in Sawdust with 8.6 cm.
Shoot height was highest in humus rich top soil with 9.9 cm followed by river sand with 9.2 cm. The least shoot height was found in sawdust with 8.6 cm. Other parameters are mean leaf production and collar diameter. The highest leaf production was found in seeds sown in river sand at 2 cm depth with mean values of 10.5 and 11.0 respectively. The highest collar diameter was in humus rich top soil and river sand with value 2.6 mm. Observations from the study shows that to propagate L.cupanoides on large scale, it is better to sow at the depth of 5 cm and in sawdust for its germination.

Keywords: Lecanodiscus cupanoides, sowing depth, sowing media, seedling growth and germination

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