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Accessibility of youths to health care in Nigeria

A Ayandiji


The youths of Nigeria cover up to 60% of the entire Nigeria population. Youths are a symbol of a town or village with potentials to perform strenuous work and constitute essential human resources for development. Youths are not excluded from health issues facing the generality of the human population. This study examines the accessibility of youths to the various health facilities available, the cost of services provided and also the relationship between the health facilities available and the cost of services provided. The National baseline survey report of 2012 was used. Three States were randomly selected from each of the six geopolitical zones of the country. Majority of the respondents patronized public hospitals than other health institutions. Most youths claimed that the cost of services provided were moderate. There is a significant relationship between health care alternatives available and cost of services. There should be more sensitization for the youth to take their health seriously and patronize health facilities where adequate examination can be carried out.

Key words: Youth, Accessibility, Nigeria.