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Effect of hormone on the seed germination of <i>Garcinia kola</i> Heckel.

FB Yakubu
JO Ogunade
OT Bolanle-Ojo
DK Yahaya


Garcinia kola plays an important socioeconomic role in the Africa culture. Inspite of this, the plant only exists in the wild or as part of left over in the Agroforestry farms. Therefore, this research examined the phenology in seed germination for possible plantation establishment. G. kola seed dormancy and growth was investigated using hormone Napthalene Acetic Acid (NAA) and Benzene Amino Purine (BAP) application to induce quick germination and early growth The experiment was laid in a Completely Randomized Design (CRD) with seven treatments (0.5mg/ml BAP, 0.5mg/ml NAA, 1mg/ml BAP, 1mg/ml NAA, 2mg/ml BAP, 2mg/ml NAA and Control) in twenty replications. The results showed that Garcinia kola seeds germinated in seven weeks in IBA. Growth were assessed for 19wks and the result showed that Length of Radicle (LR) and Number of Radicle (NR) were significantly affected by the treatments, while 0.5mg/ml IBA gave the best result among the treatments. Length of Plumule, Number of Leaves and Collar diameter were not significantly affected by the treatments.

Keywords: Garcinia kola, seed, hormone, dormancy, germination