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Managerial efficiency among yam farmers in Ondo state, Nigeria.

AA Akinsulu
OO Alowode
OA Odusina


This study was carried out in order to elucidate managerial efficiency among yam farmers in Ikale land of Ondo state, Nigeria. Multi-stage sampling technique was used to sample the respondents with random selection of two hundred (200) yam farmers from the study area. The study revealed that the mean age of the farmers was 48.50 years where majority of the farmers fall within the age range of 41-50 years (35%), showing that majority of the yam farmers in the study area are in their active age who are energetic. Majority of them are male accounting for 85.00% , 90.00% of the farmers have formal education of six years and above, the mean farming experience is 45 years, and the mean household size 0f the respondents is 11. Efficiency of the farmers ranges between 21.05% to 95.62% with mean of 80.05%. Those input variables that statistically and significantly determine the efficiency of the farmers are fertilizer application, depreciation of fixed inputs, tax, farm size and labour , all of this variables except tax have positive coefficient. It was recommended that farmers should increase the use of fertilizer in their farms, while government should reduce the amount of tax on farmers.

Key words: Managerial Efficiency, Maximum likelihood estimate, Ikale land.