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Hygroscopic properties of thermally modified false Iroko <I>[Antiaris toxicara (Lesch)]</I>

F.A. Faruwa
K. Duru


The study investigated the use of thermal modification to improve the hygroscopic properties of False Iroko [Antiaris toxicaria (Lesch)]. Samples of Antiaris toxicara Lesch wood were subjected to thermal modification in a furnace at temperatures of 160, 180 and 200°C for 30 and 60 minutes. Results showed that wood properties were improved with exposure to different temperatures. Subsequent to the thermal process, a colour change from pale yellow to darkish brown was observed progressively with increase in temperature, accompanied by a weight loss in the range of 12.08% to 23.67%. The outcome of these treatments resulted in a decrease in volumetric swelling and increase in dimensional stability of modified wood; this can be attributed to observed decrease in moisture intake. The thermal modification of Antiaris toxicara Lesch wood affected the dimensional stability properties. Thus, due to significant changes via modification carried out on the selected species which is classified as lesser utilized wood species, lesser utilized wood,Antiaris
toxicara Lesch wood is recommended for use due to its efficient dimensional stability after modification .

keywords:, Thermally modified wood ;False Iroko