Effect Of Bird Manure On Cotton Plants Grown On Soils Sampled From Faidherbia Albida Park Land In Burkina Faso Sudanian Zone

  • S N Antoine
  • R Ouola
  • C Pane
  • T Karim
Keywords: Faidherbia albida, avifauna, bird manure, soil, fertility, cotton


The current study estimates the contribution of avifauna and cropping system to soil fertility improvement in Faidherbia albida parkland. Pot experiment was carried out in a greenhouse in the research center of Farako-Bâ. The soils used in the experiment were sampled in a Faidherbia albida parkland at Dossi, a village located in the cotton production zone of western Burkina Faso. Bird manure was collected under Faidherbia albida trees and its effects on cotton growth and development was determined using daily measurements in the pots. Chemical analysis showed that bird manure contained important quantities of organic matter (57.5%) and nitrogen (7.2%) but lower quantities of phosphorus (1.3%) and potassium (1%). Cotton plant had a better development and growth when bird manure was only applied to soil or combined with mineral fertilizer and when cotton was grown on a soil where the previous crops were cereals (maize or sorghum). Planting cotton on a soil where the previous crop grown was maize or sorghum had no significant effect on the increase of cotton generative branches. Growing cotton on soil sampled under tree crown or on soil previously cropped with sorghum or chemical fertilization all showed positive effect on the number of cotton plant flower buds.

Keywords: Faidherbia albida; avifauna; bird manure; soil; fertility; cotton

JOAFSS Vol. 4 (1) 2006: pp. 114-126

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eISSN: 1597-0906