Proximate Composition And Medicinal Uses Of Sphenocentrum jollyanum (Pierre)

  • FB Yakubu
  • ABI Igboanugo
  • OS Tayo
Keywords: Sphenozentrum jollyanum (Pierre), Proximate composition, medicinal.


The Proximate composition and medicinal uses of Sphenozentrum jollyanum(Pierre) were determined. The fresh fruits had higher mineral content than the dried seeds- Na2+ (12.95%, 10.95%), K+ (5.83%, 1.91%), P (2.18%, 1.52%). S. jollyanum(Pierre) had a moisture content of 25.39%, a moderately high protein content (10.29%) and a Seed ash content of 5.7% comparable to other trees seeds which range from 0.8-22.5%. The Gross Energy (GE) of 1.3 Kcal/g is low in both tested fresh fruits and the seeds when
compared with other seeds of forest tree species with 6-57 Kcal/g. The medicinal importance of the species ranged from the cure of cough to constipation, malaria, stomach ache, loss of appetite, healing of wounds. It can also serve as an aphrodisiac. The importance of the specie are many and varied from its relatively high mineral and protein content to its ability to cure diverse ailments and diseases. This specie need to be sustainably exploited and conserved because of its pharmaceutical importance and health care delivery to the indigenous population

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eISSN: 1597-0906