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Profitability And Resource Use Efficiency In Maize Production In Kontagora Local Government Area, Niger State, Nigeria

AJ Jirgi
FD Ibrahim
L Tanko
M Lawal


The study examined profitability and resource-use efficiency in Maize Production in Kontagora Local Government Area of Niger State, Nigeria during 2007 cropping season. Primary data were collected and analyzed using farm budgeting techniques and Production Function Analysis. Results indicated
that farmers realized and average farm income and gross margin of N242, 114.00 and N 269,862.78 respectively whose equivalents in US Dollars stood at US $2,029.80 and US $2,262,43 respectively as at the time this study was carried out. The result of the allocative efficiency index indicated that farm
size , labour and fertilizer were over utilized, while other inputs and capital inputs were under utilized. It is recommended that surplus labour should be channeled into other income generating ventures during off-peak periods of labour demand.