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An Ecological Survey Of Asanmagbe Watershed, Forestry Research Institute, Ibadan

FB Yakubu
CI Nwokedi
SO Tayo
IB Nsien


The conservation of the characteristics of indigenous species and the genetic variability of watersheds in any community is important. The ecological survey of the watershed of Asanmagbe stream was carried out. From the flora species and their families identified along the stream, eighty-seven (87) species belonging to 39 different families were collected and identified. Moraceae is the most prominent family, with eight (8) plants, followed by Verbanaceae and Papilionaceae with five (5) each, while Ceasalpinaceae, Vitaceae, Sapindaceae, Euphobiaceae, Ceasalpinaceae and Araceae had four (4) plants each. Trees were found to have significantly contributed to the ecosystem with fifty-eight (58) species, while fifteen (15) shrubs and
fourteen (14) climbers were also recorded. The level of degradation and disturbance of the stream were also evaluated. The preservation of the ecosystem that houses these species is therefore of paramount importance.