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Factors That Determine The Uses Of Some Timber Species In Irewole Local Government Ikire Osun State

SA Odewo
OD Akinyemi
KA Adeniji
AR Ojo
OA Erinle


The study identified the factors that determine the uses of some timber species in Osun State. The study covered Irewole Local Government Area, Ikire. Four wood-based industries were sampled namely, furniture, fuel wood selling, building construction/ carpentry and wood carving. A well structured questionnaire was administered in which 80 respondents were interviewed. The data were analysed using descriptive statistics.
It was observed that 42.25% of the wood-based industry agreed strongly on hardness as a factor for wood product utilisation, 25% agreed on toughness, 15% choose direction of grain, 11.25% supported flexibility and 6.25% agreed strongly on stiffness. From the study It was obvious that hardness is the major determinant parameter adopted by the people in utilizing their wood products. In terms of source of getting the species used, 56.25% obtained their timber from sawmills, 27.5% from market
while 16.25% obtain their own directly from forest reserves. This indicates that sawmills are the major sources of producing various timber species needed for wood works in the study area. The result revealed that those in the age range 18 to 40 years were found to be active in the wood-based industries because it is energy sapping. The most common timber species used in the area were Millicia excelsa, Terminalia superba, Afzelia africana etc. .This paper recommended that research activities should be embarked upon to increase the quality of wood products so as to increase future utilization.