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Farming Systems Involving Fruit Crops Production And Research In Nigeria: A Review

IM Ojeifo


Fruits are produce of horticultural plants. A majority of them are fleshy or juicy, and regularly taken as snacks. They constitute a major item of nutrition and trade in Nigeria. In spite of their importance, the availability of fruit is seasonal and greatly influenced by their limited cultivation. Their limited cultivation is most probably due mainly to their long gestation period. To forestall the foregoing situation, farmers have adopted cropping systems that incorporate other crops with fruit crops, to enhance productivity and insurance against a failure of one or more of the component crops. The farming system possibilities involving fruit crop species for optimizing returns and efficient
utilization of resources were highlighted. Research interventions to expand the scope of the farmers have shown that greater efficiency of land utilization is exhibited. New areas of research for the evaluation, as well as suggests
consideration for intercropping with fruit trees are suggested. The current challenges to fruit production were also identified, while the strategies to stimulate greater fruit production were suggested.