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Effect Of Different Levels Of Raw Tropical Legumes On Selected Serum Biochemical Parameters Of Cockerels

IF Etuk
LJ Isaac
JS Ekpo
SC Etop


Blood samples from matured cockerels fed various levels of different tropical legumes were analysed for some biochemical properties. These legumes include Jack Beans (JB), Benniseed (BN) and Bambara nut (BM) which were used as supplement to soya bean meal at 25% and 50% each in a six weeks feeding trial. Total protein of cockerels in all treatments did not differ significantly (P>0.05) being 3.843g/dl (control), 3.802g/dl (25% JB),
3.627g/dl (50% JB), 3.770g/dl (25% BM), 3.595g/dl (50% BM), 3.990g/dl (25% BN) and 3.858g/dl (50% BN). Serum albumen ranged between 1.518g/dl and 1.678g/dl while serum globulins ranged between 2.170g/dl and
2.340g/dl. There was no significant difference (P>0.05) between the seven groups of cockerels in respect to these parameters. Supplementation of soya beans with jack beans, benniseed and bambara nut at 25% and 50% was not
deleterious to matured cockerels considering these parameters.