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The efficiency of folic acid in promoting growth in broilers (0-8Week)

VN Merimekwu, BM Peter, RU Odey, P Gboshe


A Study was carried out to determine the potency of folic acid in enhancing performance in broilers (0-8 weeks of age).The treatments comprised four levels of folic acid: T1 (control-no folic acid), T2 (15mg of folic acid/liter of water), T3 (30mg/litre of water), and T4 (45mg/litre of water). A total of 96 broiler chicks were used for the study. Each treatment with 24chicks was replicated three times in a completely randomized design. The different levels of folic acid were supplied in drinking water within the first five days of placement in the farm. Growth efficiency measures (final body weight, daily weight gain and feed conversion ratio) were conspicuously higher for the folic acid-treated birds than the control that had no folic acid. The function of folic
acid in mitotic cell division could be very useful in correcting the impairment in performance caused by delayed access to feed post-hatch.

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