Enviromental degradation and sustainable food security in Nigeria

  • K.A Bolaji-Olutunji
  • C.A Adebagbo
  • O.A Tolawo
Keywords: Degradation, Environment, Security, Production.


This study examined how environmental factors such as deforestation, pollution, poverty, and population hamper food security directly and indirectly .Food security which constitutes a fundamental challenge to the welfare of the people and economic growth. Environmental degradation exposes the land to different hazards leading to a fall in production and productivity, income generating capacity of the of the people and the nation, impaired ability of the economy to generate employment ,inadequate industrial materials and lowered ability to invest. Environmental degradation can be checked and sustainable food security can be enhanced if famers, researchers and Government could invest in planting trees, farming more sustainably and replenishing ground water. Environmental protection should be indigenized, taking cognizance of the different geoecological zones in Nigeria and their peculiarities. Different parts of Nigeria have their unique environmental problems so solutions/interventions for different and varied.

Key Word: Degradation, Environment, Security, Production.


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eISSN: 1597-0906