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Fisherfolks’ perception and adoption response to externally imposed undp aquaculture technology in Lagos state, Nigeria

M.D Enaikele


The study set out to test the hypothesis that perception of improved technologies in aquaculture is not significantly associated with adoption. Both quantitative and qualitative methods were used for data collection. The findings of the study prompted the rejection of the null hypothesis. The fisher folks perceived the UNDP’s aquaculture technology as not appropriate for boosting fish supply, and as such, they did not adopt them. What they perceived as appropriate for boosting fish supply are availability of outboard engines, non-encroachment of the trawlers and appeasing the river deities. The study recommends effective and efficient extension services to change the perception of the fisher folks (fish farmers) so as to enhance the adoption of the UNDP’s improved technology in aquaculture.

Key words: Perception, Adoption, UNDP, Aquaculture, Lagos State, Nigeria