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Utilization of maize bran-based diets supplemented with Roxazyme G2 G by broilers

BA Makanjuola
EA Iyayi


One hundred and fifty broilers (Abor AcrePlus Strain) were randomly assigned to 5 dietary treatments of 3 replicates each. Five diets (Diet 1: basal, maize-based, with no Roxazyme G2 G enzyme; Diet 2: 20% maize bran with Roxazyme G2 G; Diet 3: 20% maize bran without Roxazyme G2 G; Diet 4: 40% maize bran with Roxazyme G2 G and Diet 5: 40% maize bran without Roxazyme G2 G) were formulated and offered to the birds. The aim was to compare the performance of the birds on the enzyme-supplemented diets and the unsupplemented diets with those on the maize-based diets. Feed intake and weight gain were significantly (P<0.05) higher in birds on the enzymesupplemented diets compared to those on the basal diets or diets without enzyme supplementation. The birds on the 40% maize bran-based diets with Roxazyme G2 G recorded the lowest cost/weight gain: N100/kg compared with birds on the basal diet recording N155/kgn weight gain. There was no significant difference in the apparent nutrient digestibility among the 5 dietary treatments. The results indicated that maize bran can be incorporated in broiler feed at 40% with supplementation with Roxazyme G2 G without any deleterious effect on the birds.

Key words: Broilers, maize bran, performance, Roxazyme G2 G.