Performance and nutritional composition of Andropogon tectorum during a minor wet season as influenced by varying levels of inorganic fertilizer

  • OA Aderinola
  • JA Akinlade
  • AA Akingbade
  • R Binuomote
  • JA Alalade
Keywords: Performance., nutritional composition., Andropogon tectorum., wet season., inorganic fertilizer


The agronomic performance and nutritional composition of Andropogon tectorum fertilized with varying levels of nitrogen fertilizer application during the minor wet season in the derived savannah zone of Nigeria was studied in Ogbomoso, Nigeria from 2005-2008. It was observed that the adverse effect of moisture stress on the growth performance of grasses could be ameliorated through strategic fertilizer application as biomass production of Andropogon tectorum increased with increased nitrogen fertilizer application. It was in the order of O (control) < 50kgN/ha<100kgN/ha < 200kgN/ha application rates. Except for Zinc, increasing application of fertilizer was also observed to increase mineral element uptake (Na, Ca, P K Mg Fe Mn and Cu. Strategic application of nitrogen fertilizer could be employed to increase biomass and the nutritional content of Andropogon tectorum thus meeting the requirement of our animals during the minor wet season.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1597-0906