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Determination of Velocity And Acceleration of Structural Deformation Using Kalman Filter Technique

R Ehigiator-Irughe, MO Ehigiator, SA Uzoekwe


Objects and engineering structures are subject to displacements resulting from numerous internal and external factors. Determination of the magnitude of these displacements is possible on the basis of cyclic measurements of changes in position of points determining the geometrical shape of the studied object. Processing the measurement results as aimed at determining the characteristics of those changes and assessment of possible hazards. This paper outlines the procedure of geodetic monitoring system of circular oil storage tanks and presents the analysis of the resulted observations to determine the values of their deformation. At the Forcados Tank Farm, there are eighteen tanks currently used for crude oil storage. In this study, only tank 6 was used as case study scenario for the determination of velocity and acceleration under loading. In order to monitor these tanks, studs were attached to the base of the tank at equal intervals. Measurement was carried out on the studs position from primary Geodetic controls located within the tank farm in 2000, 2003, 2004 and 2008 respectively. In this study, deformation analysis by Kalman Filter technique of the measurement data obtained on Tank 6 with 22m high and 72m diameter using refletorless total Station at the Forcados Terminal is presented. The value of the velocity and the acceleration of the deformed structure are also presented. The measurement system consisted of 3 controls, 10 monitoring station and sixteen monitoring points carried. The data were collected during four measurement campaigns carried out between 2000 to 2008. The computation and least square adjustment of each epoch measurement were carried out using Carson 2011 software. Analysis of the result indicated that the tank ovality was expanding with years i.e. increased in diameter while the vertical components indicate settlement.

Keywords: Velocity, Acceleration, Deformation, Kalman Filter

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