Erratum: Comparative Analysis of Some Reliability Characteristics of Deteriorating Systems

  • Bashir Yusuf
  • Felix Y Eguda
  • Usman Sani


In this paper, probabilistic models for a system with different stage deteriorations have been developed to analyze and compare some reliability characteristics. Three configurations are studied under the assumption that each state that is working in reduced capacity is minimally repaired and the system is replaced at failure. Configuration 1, configuration 2 and configuration 3 have one (major), two (minor and major) and three (mild, minor and major) stage deteriorations respectively. Explicit expressions for mean time to system failure (MTSF) and steady state availability (AV (∞)) are analyzed using kolmogorov's forward equation method. Comparisons are performed for specific values of system parameters. Finally, the configurations are ranked based on MTSF and ( AV(∞)) and the results show that configuration 3 is optimal.

Keywords: Reliability, Availability, Deterioration, Repair, Replacement.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1116-4336