Journal of the Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics

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On Subgroups of Non-Commutative General Rhotrix Group

A Mohammed, UE Okon


This paper considers the pair (GRn(F),o) consisting of the set of all invertible rhotrices of size n over an arbitrary field F; and together with the binary operation of row-column based method for rhotrix multiplication; 'o' , in order to introduce it as the concept of “non commutative general rhotrix group”. We identify a number of subgroups of (GRn(F),o)  and then advance to show that its particular subgroup is embedded in a particular subgroup of the well-known general linear group (GRn(F),o). Furthermore, we shall investigate isomorphic relationship between some subgroups of  (GRn(F),o) .

Keywords: Rhotrix, matrix, group, rhotrix groups, matrix groups, general rhotrix group, general linear group

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