A Mathematical Model for the Comparative Study of the Blast Response of Aluminium and Steel Panels

  • MH Oladeinde
  • E Nwankwo
  • SO Osuji
  • E Osamor


This paper presents a mathematical model of the study of the blast response of aluminium and steel panels. These panels are deemed sufficient to provided protective barrier against explosions, especially from terrorists. With the maximum deflection being the damage criteria used, the behaviour of both panel is studied. The panels are reduced to single degree of freedom system using assumed mode approach. Corresponding mass, stiffness and effective load form blast are formulated. The corresponding single degree of freedom (SDOF) equation structural dynamics problem is solved using Newmark-β integration scheme. The results show an increase in blast protection with increasing thickness of panel, and increasing mass. It is also established that boundary conditions have significant effect on the blast response of the panels. This work serves as preliminary guide in designing blast protective panels.

Keywords: Single Degree of Freedom (SDOF), Elastic-plastic, Resistance Function, Numerical Integration.


eISSN: 1116-4336