Journal of the Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics

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Extension of Newton’s Dynamical Spectral Shift for Photons in Gravitational Fields of Static Homogeneous Spherical Massive Bodies

LW Lumbi, SXK Howusu, O Nwagbara, P Jatau


In this article we applied the generalized dynamical gravitational scalar potential exterior to the body for static homogeneous spherical massive bodies to obtain general dynamical gravitational spectral shift for photons. The results are that a recession leads to a redshift while approach leads to a blueshift which is perfectly in agreement with the physical fact that gravitational scalar potential is negative and increase in recession leads to decrease in kinetic energy and hence decrease in frequency.

Keywords: Generalized Gravitational Scalar Potential, Spherical Massive Bodies, Generalized Gravitational Spectral Shifts, Photons, Redshift and Blueshift

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