Journal of the Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics

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Load Flow Analysis of a 15Mva Injection Substation

Patrick Oshevire, Sunny Onohaebi, Joel Egwaile


This study presents the load flow analysis of Otovwodo 33/11kV injection substation, Nigeria. It is an obvious fact that the planning, design and operation of power systems require load flow calculations to analyze the steady state of the system under various operating conditions, and equipment configuration. This load flow helps to determine the state of the power system for a given load and generation distribution. This paper presents the computer aided power flow analysis of the existing Otovwodo33/11kV distribution network using the ETAP 7.0 software. The result showed that out of 91load feeders of which 6 is out of service, voltage violation occurred in all for peak period but for off-peak period, fifty five (55) violation was recorded while thirty (30) was within the statutory voltage range.

Key words: load flow, ETAP, voltage, and buses.

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