Journal of the Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics

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Design and Construction of an Automatic Three-Phase Change Over Voltage Stabilizer

Ovie Oghenerhoro, Justine C Onyekannankea


This paper presents the design and construction of an automatic three-phase change over voltage regulator capable of maintaining constant output voltage of 220Vwith current range of 5-12A. Its output power rating is about 3200W. The input is capable of searching and selecting a live phase from the mains voltage source of readily available power transmission line. The device can also amplify input voltage as low as 50V a.c to a constant 220V a.c. Furthermore, if no power is sensed, from the three live phases, that is if all the phases are in OFF STATE, the device auto-connect to a power generating plant.

Keywords: Power Supply; stabilizer; phase Change-over Switch

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