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An Ideal Gas Law Simulator for Atmospheric Gas Molecules

OE Ogunsola
ST Olowofoyeku


The ideal gas law which is the equation of state of a hypothetical ideal gas that allows us to gain useful insights into the behavior of most real gases at low densities was utilized in this work to conceptualize, design and develop the ideal gas law simulator in a 3 dimensional space using Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Paint and 3D Game studio for pedagogic purposes. The gas law variables due to changes in atmospheric conditions were simulated and the parameters considered in the developed software which visually depicts the motion of gas molecules could be modified by the user in order to see a visual representation of this effect on the other parameters. The developed software depicts adequately the visual representation of the motion of gas molecules based on changes in atmospheric conditions and the understanding of the thermodynamics of some of the trace gases in the atmosphere.

Keywords: ideal; hypothetical; simulator; pedagogic, visual