Computation and Simulation of Circuit Topology Describing Secular Equilibrium Decay

  • A Yusuf
  • MH Ali


A circuit topology for simulation of artificial coupled differential equation of Secular equilibrium decay of Strontium was designed. The equilibrium decay considered was;

An integrating time constant of 33 millisecond was chosen so as to minimize integrating error and a maximum input voltage level of 10V was chosen for the design in order to avoid saturation of the Operational Amplifiers used for integrators, Amplitude and time scaling where employed on the differential equations in order to convert the equations to voltage sources, the amplitude scale factors of KA1= 3.370x10-3 Vsec, KA0= 1 002x10-1V, KB1  = 13.1475 Vsec and KB0 = 398.41V. were computed from the problem parameters, The Percentage error on the average of ±0.9 % obtained in this research means that the circuit designed simulated the differential equation describing the Secular equilibrium decay for Strontium with a fairly reasonable accuracy.



eISSN: 1116-4336