Design and Construction of a Talking Clock

  • O Okosun
  • E Osa


Most of the time-measuring instruments which have been developed give information about time visually. This denies the visually impaired the ability to keep track of time and as such makes him unable to manage time. This paper presents a design and construction of a Talking Clock. The design incorporates both audio and visual function which will enable the visually keep track of time. ICs such as microcontroller (PIC18F4620), voice chip (ISD17240), Real Time Clock (PCF8583), LCD Screen and other discrete components were used in designing the project. The circuit diagram and components were chosen after a considerable research was done to ensure efficient operation of circuit and low cost.

Keywords: Microcontroller (18F4620), Voice Chip (ISD 17240), RTC (PCF8583), LCD display, visually impaired


eISSN: 1116-4336