Automatic Multiphase Selector Using PIC16F876 Peripheral Interphase Controller

  • KO Ojo
  • CK Opone


Power inconsistency in developing Nations like Nigeria has created the current use of other sources of power like generating set, inverters, wind mill to mention but few. Not only is power failing, phase inconsistency is another alarming condition in the country. This had led many to stay in light out condition even when there is availability of power. The cause of changing over from one phase to the other or to a generating set often results to time delay and equipment damage. This paper presents the design and construction of an artificial intelligent multiphase selector that switches electric supply from one phase to another within public supply and to a Generator in the situations of power outage or abnormal power supply. This system is made up of relays being controlled by a microcontroller as the brain.

Keywords: Microcontroller, Transistor, Relay, Public Supply, Generator, Rectifier


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eISSN: 1116-4336