Design and Construction of Remote Control for Lighting System Using Infra Red

  • TO Daniel
  • D Ochola


The study investigates the design, construction and testing of a lighting system using infra-red remote control. A single channel remote control is used to control the switching of alighting system connected to the output of an Infra-red receiver. An Infra-red beam is modulated by an oscillator (NE 555 timer IC) and transmitted to a remote sensor (TSOP1738). This signal is amplified by a transistor (BC 558) and then delivered to the decade counter (CD 4017 IC) via its clock input terminal. The transistor output is fed to an electro-mechanical relay which does the switching of the load. The system is found to be effective and operational within the range of 0.01 m to 10 .05 m in accordance with the design specifications.

Keywords: Infra-red, remote control, Transistor, Integrated circuit


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1116-4336