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Epidemiological model of computer malware prevalence and control

E.A. Nwaibeh
S.I. Kamara
S.O. Oladejo
H. Adamu


The mathematical model of computer Malware remains a challenging research area for modeling and simulation in an attempt to devise policies and guidelines to curb the impact and transmission of malware in computer networks. The Susceptible high risk, Susceptible low risk, Exposed class, Infectious due to virus, Infectious due to worms and Recovered (ShSlEIvIwR) model was formed. Basic reproduction number, the equilibrium point of the virus and worm free computers and the endemic equilibrium state are discussed. For locally and globally asymptotically stability of the infection free equilibrium state, the next generation matrix was applied. Numerical solution was carried out to solve and simulate the system with the view to understand the prevalence behavior, transmission dynamics and the control of computer viruses and worms in computer network and also the efficiency of antivirus software.

Keywords: Malware, Computer virus, susceptible, expose, infectious, recovered.

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eISSN: 1116-4336