Detectable frequency by interferometric detectors of gravitational waves generated from accreting neutron stars

  • B. Bringen
  • D.D. Bakwa
  • D.P. Girma
Keywords: Gravitational waves, Frequency, Neutron stars, Compact binaries, LIGO, Interferometer.


This study considered five neutron stars, J1518 + 409, B1534 + 12, B1913 + 16, B2127+11C, and B2303 + 46 with same radius of 10Km but different masses. A model was developed to fit observations of detectable frequency by interferometry detectors based on thegeometrical framework. The birth rate of NS systems in the universe heightened the visibility which compensates the possible dearth of such binaries, making them an extremely important and interesting source. Such waves depend on details of the composition of neutron stars that occur in the final merger. Measuring such waves require specialty “narrow-band” detectors which LIGO had design. We estimate the detectable frequency of binary neutron star systems within the range of 1048 -1147 Hz and compared to LIGO’s detection frequency operating at the range of frequency ~ 10 – 2000Hz. The estimated frequency of NSs obtained indicated that NSs are promising candidates for GW source as it shows positive values that are within the GW detectors sensitive band.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1116-4336