Thermal variation of electronic specific heat of two dimension (2D) semiconductor

  • A.S. Njapba
  • E.O. Odoh
Keywords: Electronic specific heat, 2D semiconductor, electron temperature, model equation, phonons.


We have developed theoretical model equation for the electronic specific heat of 2D semiconductor. From the model equation, the electronic specific heat is found to be a function of electron temperature. We calculated the electronic specific heat at different electron temperatures in the region of 30- 1000 K using some experimental data available mostly at room temperature and some at low temperatures. Results show that the electronic specific heat is suppressed at 30 K, rapidly falls to a magnitude of zero at 250 K and gradually rises in the region 300- 1000 K. In this temperature range the electronic specific heat is of the order of 1012eV/K. The graph of the variation with electron temperature is obtained, electronic specific heat decreases exponentially fast with electron temperature at low temperatures which is in contrast with that of a metal which decreases linearly with temperature. The theoretical results obtained are in good agreement with available experimental data. This prediction will be highly desirable for environments with wide variation of temperature such as space, petroleum technology, food technology, oceanography and in other frontier areas of research and development.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1116-4336