Construction of a simple laptop battery charger that can use 19V DC/3A to charge a battery

  • S. Yusuf
  • S. Gwadabe
  • M.A. Haydar
  • H. Yusuf
  • R. Aliyu
Keywords: Battery Charger; Capacitor; Resistor; Transistor; Diode; and Transformer


In this article, a construction of a laptop battery charger was carried out. The laptop battery charger consists of a transformer which steps down the 220VAC to 12VAC, the rectifier which converts the AC input to pulsated DC voltages and a capacitor which filtered the pulsated DC voltage, while the regulator regulates the voltage that is used to charge the 19VDC laptop rechargeable battery. However, the design and construction of 12VDC laptop battery charger was carried to charge laptop battery. Automatic charging was not included due to limited resources. The charger was tested and found to function properly. This charger is very simple, affordable and can be used anywhere.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1116-4336