Improving the bending strength of porcelain by replacement of quartz by Rice Husk Ash (RHA)

  • H.U. Jamo
  • M.Z. Noh
  • R. Aliyu
Keywords: Bending strength;Bulk density; Porcelain; Quartz; RHA.


This study develops the bending strength of porcelain ceramics by substitution of quartz by rice husk ash (RHA) at various temperatures. Rice husk ash was used as a substitute for quartz with different replacement levels (0 to 25 wt%) to produce porcelain at different temperatures; 1000℃, 1100℃, 1200℃,1300℃. The properties of the samples such as, bending strengthand XRD were analyzed. It was observed that progressive substitution of quartz by RHA in a porcelain composition and increase in temperature resulted in early vitrification of the mixture. The bending strength was the highest when the porosity was the least at a temperature of 1200℃ on 20 wt% substitution of RHA. Furthermore, microstructural observations show that the grain size depends on the temperature, the substitution and is directly related to its bending strength.


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eISSN: 1116-4336