Evaluations of excitation functions for the formation of compound nucleus of some radioactive isotopes

  • Idris Ahmad
Keywords: Cross-section, Excitation function, Radioactive Isotopes, Nuclear Data.


In the present work, the nuclear cross-sectionwas calculated and investigated the excitation functions for the formation of 127,126I, 128,129,130Xe, 128,129,130,131Cs compound nucleus in the interactions of alpha with iodine-127 isotope for the production of some medical radioisotopes using EXIFON Code. The shell structure effects were considered and the results show that no significant change in the cross-section observed at the energy range from 0-30 MeV considered. This studied show that EXIFON code is a good tool for investigation of nuclear reaction cross section and this research work can be useful in the production of the radionuclide of high purity and in an efficient manner for therapeutic purposes embracing current and possible future needs.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1116-4336