Sensitivity analysis of the mathematical model on the control of HBV-HDV co-infection transmission dynamics in a given population

  • R.O. Aja
  • D. Omale
  • G.C.E. Mbah
Keywords: Basic reproduction number, Co-infection, Sensitivity analysis, parameters, Mathcad.


In this paper, the basic reproduction number R0 for HBV-HDV co-infection was obtained. Consequently, the sensitivity analysis of R0 with respect to the parameters of the model of HBV-HDV co-infection with controls were carried out using mathcad. The result shows that π (recruitment), β1 (contact rate for IHB with susceptible individuals) with sensitivity index of π = +1.00 and β1 = +1.00 are the most sensitive parameters that affect the transmission dynamics of HBV-HDV co-infection in the population. These parameters enhances the infectivity of the disease and so must be either avoided at all cost or must be targeted seriously in the control strategy to ensure that its value does not increase or conducive environment for its thriving is not allowed. The result further showed that, ρ2 (the rate at which individuals who are infectious of HBV enter into infectious and treated HBV class) -0.514 with sensitivity index of is the lowest sensitive parameter that affect the transmission dynamics of HBV-HDV co-infection in the population, for the reason that increasing the value of ρ2 will reduce the infection level of the disease, thus can be used to control the disease dynamics in the population.


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eISSN: 1116-4336