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Combustion Analysis of <i>Panicum maximum</i> Jacq and <i>Pennisetum purpureum</i> Shumach as energy feedstock

U.M. Ajieh
U.P. Onochie


Pennisetum purpureum Shumach otherwise known as Elephant grass and Panicum maximum Jacq also known as Guinea grass have been found by several researchers as an alternative source of energy. They are clean and reduce atmospheric CO2 through photosynthetic sequestration and secondly, they become cleaner when processed and combusted by using improved gasification technology. In this study, the calorific value, proximate analysis, ultimate analysis as well as combustion evaluation performance of this energy feedstock were carried out. From the result, the calorific value of Pennisetum purpureum Shumach and Panicum maximum Jacq is 15.17MJ/kg and 14.56MJ/kg respectively. The proximate analysis shows moisture content of 9.0% and 9.2%; ash contentof 6.1% and 5.5%; volatile matter of 80.39% and 86.12%; fixed carbon of 14.38% and 15.12% respectively. The Ultimate analysis also shows a carbon content of 42.9% and 48.62%; hydrogen content of 6.8% and 6.1%; oxygen content of 45.6% and 44.07%; sulphur content of 0.30% and 0.32%, nitrogen content of 0.81% and 0.99% respectively. Essentially, from the combustion evaluation analysis, the stiochemetric air fuel ratio requiredfor the combustion of these energy feedstock shows are 5.233:1 and 5.09:1; while the actual fuel ratio is 6.54:1 and 6.36:1respectively.

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eISSN: 1116-4336