Application of Schlumberger array of vertical electric sounding to detection of water bearing formations

  • F O Ezomo
  • S O Ifedili


Electrical resistivity method was used to explore for groundwater in Egoro-Amede, Ekpoma, headquarters of Esan West Local Government of Edo state. Schlumberger array of vertical electric sounding (VES) was employed. Interpretation of data was done initially by curve matching which made it possible to produce computer iterative model. The results obtained were correlated using bore-hole log as a control to determine various aquifers (water bearing formations) at each level. The water bearing formations are probably sands, sandstones, gravels and or sands with clay intercalation. The resistivity values for the water bearing layers detected vary from 100 ohm-m to 20,000 ohm-m. Depths to probable water tables vary from 20m to 217m while the thicknesses of water bearing formations vary from 5m to 50m.

Journal of the Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics Vol. 8 2004: pp. 247-252

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eISSN: 1116-4336