Non-uniqueness in the interpretation of resistivity sounding –I

  • O Egwebe
  • S O Ifedili


Non-uniqueness in the interpretation of resistivity soundings is a known major problem in Vertical Electrical Soundings results because it is extremely difficult to derive a suitable earth model that fits the field curve uniquely even in Idogun and Lonla. The aim of this paper is to confirm this fact about electrical resistivity interpretation in Idogun and Lonla, and to suggest solution, which is being demonstrated in Non-Uniqueness in the interpretation of resistivity soundings-II. The solution to the problem is by conducting four or more VES at 50-100m apart using the same electrode array and electrode spacing factors. The geoelectric layers are correlated across all the VES to identify and confirm their thicknesses and apparent resistivities These layer thicknesses and apparent resistivities are used to compute the curve for each VES.Howover,this is a better alternative method than the drilling of control boreholes to acquire logs which has been the practice.

Journal of the Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics Vol. 8 2004: pp. 259-264

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eISSN: 1116-4336