Journal of the Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics

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Anti-synchronization of the rigid body exhibiting chaotic dynamics

E Vincent, RK Odunaike, JA Laoye, OA Abiola


Based on a method derived from nonlinear control theory, we present a novel technical approach for synchronizing the dynamics of a rigid body exhibiting chaotic motion. In this framework, the active control technique is modified and employed to design control functions based on Lyapunov stability theory and Routh-Hurwitz criteria, so that a drive-response system of a rigid body achieves anti-synchronism in the chaotic state. Global asymptotic stability and convergence of the sum of the dynamical variables representing the Eulerian state space of the two rigid bodies was verified by numerical simulations.

JONAMP Vol. 11 2007: pp. 5-14
AJOL African Journals Online