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Geophysical determination of buried structural features at Ovbiogie village, Edo State, Nigeria.

FO Ezomo
CN Akujieze


The result of this paper is to determine geophysically buried structural
features using Schlumberger array of vertical electrical sounding. The need to detect riversand/gravel as perched aquifer for clean water production became necessary because of limited resources of pure water in the study area. The research work was done at Ovbiogie village in Ovia North East Local Government Area of Edo State. The vertical electrical resistivity soundings were carried out with maximum current electrode spacing of 928m using six points per decade. Computer iterated data from the study area made the structural determination possible with resistivity values ranging from 85ohm-m to 735ohm-m and depth varying from 1m to 40m. The results obtained obviously showed the existence of the following structural features; clayey soil at a depth of 1.0m, sandy soil at a depth of 3.0m, clay and mart at a depth of 12.6m, river sand and gravel at a depth of 35.1m and basalt at a depth of infinity.

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