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Model for structural defect characterization of metals based on positron beam technique

OM Osiele
EE Akpomedaye


In this work, a model for the structural characterization of metals using
positron beam technique was developed and tested. The developed model was tested using experimental data obtained from a positron beam laboratory. The model was based on the Doppler spectrum obtained in the Dopper broadening technique. The model considered specific positron annihilation characteristics in metals. Also, the model considered the properties of positrons as they diffuse through the metals. The S
and W- parameters; types of defects can be simulated from the model for any given incident photon energy and for any metal. The results obtained revealed that the Sparameter, the W-parameter and structural defect simulated using the model is in one to one agreement with the experimental values. The model can be used in place of experiments for the structural characterization of defects in metals.

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eISSN: 1116-4336